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Each year, PCP trains over 2,500 health professionals in leadership skills that include team-building, change management, and provider wellbeing. Our interactive workshops are held at institutions and clinics across the country, delivered by a national network of clinicians and consultants.

Whether you’re looking for a day-long workshop for an intact team or a more extended engagement as you navigate change, our action-oriented courses serve teams and individuals across every setting in primary care.

What sets us apart


We believe in the power of community

Transformation takes a village and we’re building one. Being part of Primary Care Progress either attending a workshop or joining a program gives you access to a national network of change agents, disruptors, and innovators in care delivery. In addition to being able to access the people and resources in our growing community, we’ll teach you how to create a community of support in your own clinics and institutions.

We’re all about the team

Our trainers include a mix of primary care clinicians and leadership development professionals, giving you the opportunity to learn from a diversity of perspectives and experiences. And as practitioners and clinicians in the trenches, we understand firsthand what you’re going through and can prepare you with the skills to overcome those challenges.

We bring together the head and the heart

As Simon Sinek noted, “Leadership isn’t about being in charge; it’s about taking care of those in your charge.” In addition to nurturing a set of basic skills to lead your team, we also provide you with practices that help you nurture the members of your team to learn what motivates and inspires your colleagues to work collaboratively in advance of a shared mission.


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