Creating a community of primary care leaders

Workshop IconEach year, PCP trains over 2,500 health professionals in vital leadership competencies, including skills to support resilience, teaming, advocacy, and change management. Our interactive workshops are held at institutions and clinics across the country, delivered by a national network of clinicians and consultants, skilled in the competencies of Relational Leadership™.

Whether you’re looking for a day-long workshop for an intact team or a more extended engagement as you navigate change, our courses serve teams and individuals at every stage of their career, across every discipline in primary care.

What sets us apart

We believe in the power of interprofessionalism in primary care, championing diverse care teams that work collaboratively to support each other and their patients.

We build community through our relationships with clinicians. With programs and workshops for every career stage, we grow alongside healthcare professionals and offer the community essential for peer learning and support.

Because many of our trainers and leadership professionals are clinicians themselves, our work is grounded in an awareness of the current system’s complexity.

Our initiatives are designed to impact the heart and the head, with a powerful action learning approach that ensures practitioners walk away from our programs with enhanced skills, knowledge, and mindsets.

How we measure our impact

PCP workshops are designed to ensure that practitioners we engage return to their clinics with the enhanced skills, knowledge, and mindsets to thrive. Our interventions fulfill levels one, two, and often level three of the Kirkpatrick Model of evaluation – the global standard for assessing the effectiveness of training. That means that we strive to create a compelling workshop that raises awareness, instills new ideas and learnings, and ultimately drives behavior change on the individual and team levels. While we don’t tackle technical approaches to change, nor the systems and structures of the workplace, we’re committed to offering resources, insights, and community that clinicians can leverage to make the systems changes that clinicians need.

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Director of Leadership Development

Our Impact