Equipping our nation’s primary care providers

Each year, PCP trains over 2,000 health professionals in vital leadership competencies, including skills to support resilience, teaming, advocacy, and change management. Our trainings are held at institutions and clinics across the country, delivered by a national network of expert coaches, trainers, and facilitators, the majority of whom are clinicians themselves and skilled in the competencies of Relational Leadership™.

Whether you’re looking for a day-long workshop for an intact team or a more extended engagement as you navigate challenging change, our courses, coaching, and tailored trainings serve teams and individuals at every stage of their career and across the spectrum of primary care disciplines.

Training Spotlight

Relational Leadership™ to Revitalize Primary Care

Hear insights and examples from the world of primary care transformation that showcase how physicians and health professionals are building teams and leading change efforts in powerful new ways – not only resulting in higher levels of performance, but also in higher levels of work satisfaction and resilience.

Narrative Leadership | Tools for Resilience, Connection, and Action

The practice of narrative leadership is an emerging framework to cultivate resilience, establish connection, and motivate action through the use of storytelling. In this workshop, explore the art and the science of story, as well as the essential components of compelling and deliberate storytelling to build healthcare teams, cultivate leaders, and foster wellbeing.

Teaming Tools to Acheive Success and Satisfaction

After exploring a methodology called 5 Dynamics, learn how the work and engagement styles of colleagues can be used to optimize the performance and satisfaction of individuals and teams. Discover how to apply this framework to a team environment and how to navigate situations where individuals come to the table with different work and learning preferences.

Ask/Tell Spectrum | Tools to Support the Development and Growth of Others

Based on a contemporary strengths-based approach, this session is an opportunity for up-and-coming leaders to develop a comprehensive approach to supporting the growth and development of others through coaching. Learn basic coaching theory, as well as explore and practice a new set of coaching skills.

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