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Research has shown that team-based healthcare is linked to improved patient outcomes and may also be a means to improve clinician well-being. At PCP, we believe a care team is a group of individuals — physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, medical assistants, physician assistants, trainees, and others necessary to help achieve shared goals — who coordinate their actions for a common purpose.

PCP’s Teaming workshops are designed to provide care teams with the framework to develop the relational skills and practices that are essential to finding common purpose and to fulfilling the promises that coordinated, high quality care can deliver.

PCP partners with every organization and care team to customize our workshop experiences to their specific needs — exploring all opportunities to make interdependent connection and collaboration a reality. The benefits of effective teamwork include improved quality of care, increased patient safety and satisfaction, and reduced staff burnout and turnover. PCP’s workshops and programs not only create a dynamic learning environment but also focus on providing care team members with tools and techniques they can immediately apply in their professional lives, within existing clinical care teams and their institutions.

Explore our Teaming offerings below, see more of PCP’s workshops, and let us know how we can customize an experience at your clinic or institution.

Current Offerings

Unleashing Teams in Healthcare: 5 Dynamics
Discover the methodology of 5 Dynamics — an interactive tool for understanding each team member’s work and learning styles. One of PCP’s most-popular programs, with 5D, examine the ways you approach learning and working with others, and the diverse strengths each member of your team brings to the work. Discover practical techniques for using these new insights to optimize the performance of the team and the organization.

The Fundamentals of Healthcare Teams
Teams, like individuals, have a physiology, with stages of development and progression throughout its life span. Using Tuckman’s Stages of Development, participants will learn the different ways relationships between team members grow and evolve, and understand strategies for guiding a team through these various stages.

Transforming Team Conflict Into Cooperation
Conflict is inevitable. But, when conflict is surfaced and managed in effective ways, it can be a powerful positive force of transformation within teams and organizations. When individuals have awareness of what happens beneath the surface of a challenging conversation, they can respond with intention and confidence. Participants in this workshop will gain awareness of their own response to conflict situations and understand how their mindset supports or hinders effective dialogue. Additionally, actionable techniques for finding common ground will be offered and practiced.

Extended Engagements: Healthcare Teaming Program

PCP Healthcare Professional Programs
Learn more about all of PCP’s Relational Leadership workshops for healthcare professionals.

PCP’s Healthcare Teaming Program is an intervention that involves approximately twenty-four hours of engagement with participants over a three-four month timeframe. This highly engaging and customized experience is designed to foster an individual’s and team’s ability to work effectively in interdependent teams; navigate changing environments; and maintain a sense of connection to their patients, organization, and purpose. Each session of the program will build on the practices and mindsets covered in previous sessions, with an emphasis on encouraging team members to apply the techniques within their existing clinical care teams.

The Teaming Program helps participants build the skills and mindsets of the highest-performing and most satisfied teams, including:

  • Develop an understanding of the differences between themselves and others and increase their ability to embrace and navigate those differences
  • Build a powerful sense trust, connection, and mutual respect with one another
  • Establish and sustain psychological safety as a core foundation for team effectiveness
  • Become comfortable with, and willing to, surface tension and conflict and address it in healthy ways

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