Student Programs

The next generation of health professionals has a critical role to play in transforming our primary care system. That’s why we’re engaging them now — preparing them to transition from the classroom to the clinic with the skills to take better care of their patients and better care of themselves.

For Primary Care Progress, our national Action Network of nearly dozen interprofessional, student-led teams, is where we roll out new curricula, test primary care innovations on campuses and in local communities, and prepare future clinicians to take the helm of primary care transformation. For students and faculty, our Action Network offers a range of options to learn, experiment, give back, and connect. There are also partner programs led by like-minded organizations that PCP supports.

Action Network

Our Action Network is the learning space where PCP Team Leaders develop their Relational Leadership™ skills while making an impact on their communities. Each academic year, every PCP Team decides on their action-oriented and longitudinal project and to advance their own initiatives, like hosting case conferences on interprofessional teaming, advocating for the integration of leadership into their institutions’ curriculum, or creating student-run free clinics that serve the most vulnerable members of their communities.

Subsets of these teams in the Action Network are grouped into a cohort of three to five teams, where students and their Faculty Advisors gain the essential relational skills, knowledge, experience, and strategic support necessary to become change makers. Led by a mentor from PCP’s Leadership Pathway, Action Network participants learn and test new skills through coaching calls and case consultation, together in their group of fellow Action Network teams from around the country.

Ready to Get Involved?

Applications to join the PCP Action Network are open each Spring. An application must be submitted by every active Team in the Action Network and any student-led team interested in joining the Action Network. Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year are now closed.

For more information about how to get involved, read our FAQs, see the student-led teams in the 2019-2020 Action Network, or email [email protected] to talk to PCP about launching a team in your community.

Partner Programs

The PCP Action Network is the most direct way to learn Relational Leadership skills exclusively from PCP staff and our Leadership Pathway of Trainers, Coaches, and Facilitators. There are also other organizations that PCP partners with or supports that provide learning and skill building opportunities for medical student teams. From the application process to learning and execution, these programs are led by like-minded, mission-driven organizations like PCP. Current initiatives and more information about how to apply include:

  • Primary Care Leadership Collaborative (PCLC). Entering its fourth year, PCLC is delivered in partnership by PCP and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) to support medical student teams committed to advancing primary care and improving the health of their communities. Student groups accepted into PCLC commit to participating in the initiative for two years, learning Relational Leadership skills, and execute a unique project that is shaped by the stories of the team members, their school, their local partners, and their community. Every two years, student teams are invited to apply to join the PCLC, with the next round of applications scheduled for January 2021.
  • Interprofessional Student Hotspotting Learning Collaborative. This annual program trains interdisciplinary teams of students from schools around the country, who all learn to work with complex medical and social needs using a patient-centered approach. The six-month program, co-hosted by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), PCP, National Academies of Practice (NAP), Council on Social Work Education, and American Association of Colleges of Nursing, provides education and support to teams as they connect with patients, learn about the root causes of high health care utilization, and share this learning with their institutions. The Camden Coalition is now accepting applications for Student Hotspotting 2020-2021 on their website, and student teams will be accepted on a rolling basis. The final application deadline is May 1, 2020. Selected students teams will be notified by May 15, 2020.

When you’re ready to make a difference in primary care, we’re ready to talk. Email [email protected] about launching a team in your community or check out frequently asked questions to learn more.