Storytelling with Progress Notes

Storytelling is a tool for connecting to one another, and can help bridge divides and highlight shared values among healthcare providers, patients, care team members, and different professions.

The emotional nature of storytelling inspires action, even in the face of overwhelming challenges. Throughout history, movements are built through stories. The movement to revitalize primary care is no different.

Who can write for Progress Notes?

Anyone who holds a stake in the future of primary care – and that’s all of us! We’ve published posts from patients, providers of all professions in primary care, students, trainees, policy experts, and advocates.

What should I write about?

Blog post

We want to hear any story that will inspire those who work in or plan to work in primary care, stories that motivate us or call us to action, and those that encourage us to continue strengthening the primary care system.

Progress Notes posts are short, informal 500-750-word pieces written in a first-person, conversational tone. They typically start with a story or anecdote that goes on to illustrate a larger point. Contact Progress Notes Editor Sonya Collins for more info or to submit a post. Examples of potential topics include:

  • Stories of self: Share your personal story about how you were called to primary care, why you stay with it despite the challenges, or why it’s so important to you.
  • Leadership: At PCP, we understand primary care providers need leadership development for personal resilience and to catalyze primary care transformation. Do you have a perspective you’d like to share about the power of leadership in the health professions?
  • Non-physician primary care providers: Help amplify your profession’s voice and share how your role fits in the interprofessional primary care system.
  • Clinical/training innovation and practice redesign: Share your experience with a clinical innovation or advocate for a new innovative model or setting.
  • Innovation beyond the clinic: Share your story about receiving, delivering, or designing innovative care for a non-clinical setting.
  • Patient perspectives: Are you a patient with a memorable experience in the primary care system, either good or bad? Can your story illustrate what worked or needs to change?
  • PCP Team activities: Tell us what you’re doing to strengthen primary care at your institution or in your community.

Contact me about writing for Progress Notes