Stories to Connect, Understand, and Heal: Our Partnership with IHI

“Today, more than ever, I feel the people at the frontlines. I feel with them and for them. Our people, our community, our nurses and doctors are the warriors at the frontlines of this battle. They are scared, they are rewriting their wills, and they are going in — because of their sacred promise to serve.”

I’ve selected this moving passage from Kedar Mate, who is one contributor in the Stories of the COVID Crisis. While I may not be on the frontlines, his story resonates with my own emotions in watching the pandemic unfold. I am grateful for the community at the heart of care that is fighting this fight. I’m inspired by the countless acts of leadership by the thousands all over the world who are sacrificing so much in their sacred promise to serve.

These stories are difficult to take in. But it’s our responsibility to find and elevate stories like Kedar’s for the world to hear.

In our partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, with generous support from the Morris-Singer Foundation, we’ve set out to do just that. Stories of the COVID Crisis is built to collect shared stories and our shared humanity during COVID-19 in order to help one another more deeply understand the current situation and to amplify urgent calls to action. We’re inviting all clinicians, staff, health professions students, patients, and family members to share their experiences: the countless challenges, fears, and moments of connection and inspiration that have risen from this pandemic.

Join this global initiative and add your voice to the growing chorus of stories that are illustrating the humanity of this pandemic and the uncrushable strength of the human spirit.

Brian Souza

Brian Souza has worked with healthcare non-profits for more than two decades. He brings his vision and expertise into Primary Care Progress’ work of infusing Relational Leadership™ throughout the national primary care workforce.

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