A New Model of Leadership in Healthcare

About RLI

The Relational Leadership Institute (RLI) is designed to help healthcare teams fix problems, build community, and thrive by applying new strategies that build a different kind of leader.

Co-created by PCP and Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) in 2017, RLI is an interprofessional and cross-generational learning collaborative. Delivered at academic institutions and engaging individuals from different stages of training, participants go through the program as a cohort, working in partnership to develop a timely set of leadership skills to impact healthcare and health.

Grounded in PCP’s Relational Leadership™ framework, these competencies are taught through RLI’s powerful program of training, real-life application, coaching, and peer learning. This relational style of engagement replaces the traditional hierarchical, individualistic model that is prevailing in healthcare, repositioning the team from merely executing a predetermined plan to becoming a dynamic space of mutual learning and professional growth.

The program takes place outside of the participant’s normal training and practice environment. Sessions are taught by members of the PCP National Team in concert with institutional leaders, and use a mixed methods process of learning via large group didactics, small group work, and opportunities for individual and group reflection. Over the course of the collaborative, participants apply their new competencies to existing leadership projects or activities in which they’re already engaged, sharing their insights, experiences, and learnings with colleagues outside of the cohort.

Join the Movement

In a traditional graduate medical education setting, care team members are often taught technical skills for systems improvement. Frequently lacking in their education and clinical practice is an approach that fully considers the breadth of their human interactions — with patients, colleagues, or decision makers — and how to manage and optimize those relationships to achieve true connection, common vision, and interdependent action.

At PCP, we believe in enhancing leadership capacity and engagement for all healthcare team members. We strive to empower leaders, operating at all levels and professions within the system, to deploy a comprehensive set of leadership practices in order to navigate and maximize change. To do this, care teams must learn how to shift from a mentality of limitation and isolation, to a mentality of possibility and connectedness.

The revitalization of primary care demands strong, engaged leaders, working to improve health by transforming clinical practices, reforming educational approaches, and advocating for change in policies and systems. Through our powerful ongoing process of reflective group learning, RLI not only develops individuals’ leadership competencies, but the program works to spread a new set of ideas, ideals, and identities — a movement — that advance a new type of leadership in healthcare. We invite leaders at academic institutions to contact PCP to learn more about RLI and how to join our movement. Email [email protected] for more information.

Due to COVID-19, the Spring 2021 cohorts at OHSU, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and the University of Utah are all being delivered remotely. Updates for fall cohorts at each institution will be shared locally in the coming months.

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