The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global health crisis. This rapidly changing situation requires unparalleled coordination and communication from leaders at all levels of healthcare and society. We recommend checking the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website daily for the most up-to-date information on the virus.

At PCP, so much of our focus is on building leadership skills, team strength, and community capacity for the people at the heart of care. We know that staying committed to these ideals and our mission is more important now than ever. We will be regularly updating this Relational Response Initiative page with our latest content and contributions — from reputable sources in the industry and from PCP’s Relational Leadership curriculum — that we believe will be the most helpful to those on the frontlines fighting this pandemic.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Primary Care Progress, with generous support from the Morris-Singer Foundation, created Stories of the COVID Crisis to discover our shared stories and our shared humanity during COVID-19. We invited clinicians, staff, health professions students, patients, and family members to share their stories from the pandemic. Read submitted stories here.

PCP Resources

The latest thought leadership by PCP, our partners, and advocates in the PCP Network.

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Virtual Meeting Management: A Relational Guide For Teams (Sean Rhoads, Progress Notes Blog)

Relational Response Initiative: Our Credo to the Community at the Heart of Care (Primary Care Progress)

Small Moments of Leadership and Connection Will See Us Through (Brian Souza, LinkedIn)

How Ebola Prepared Me for the COVID-19 Pandemic (Jeri Sumitani, PA-C, KevinMD)

Living at the Top of Our Humanity: A Patient’s Plea (Christine Bechtel, KevinMD)

COVID-19 | A Message from Primary Care Progress and A Community of Support (Brian Souza and Andrew Morris-Singer, PCP Progress Notes Blog)


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