Relational Response Initiative: Our Credo to the Community at the Heart of Care


The COVID-19 pandemic has driven us to re-examine the value of PCP’s mission in this unprecedented moment. The reality is that we’re currently unable to physically deliver the programs and experiences that many healthcare professionals and students have found valuable over the last 10 years. It means that our work to strengthen the community at the heart of care will evolve in the coming months, and likely long term — and that Relational Leadership matters now more than ever. As healthcare providers all over the world are answering the call to fight this virus, PCP is innovating from within and answering that call, too.

Our team, with the help of willing advocates in PCP’s National Network, is re-engineering how we deliver our Relational Leadership curriculum in a variety of virtual formats. It is our hope that our Relational Response Initiative, designed to support healthcare professionals on the frontlines and medical students in transition, will provide strength to you and your teams when you need it most.

As it is for all of us, this is uncharted territory for our organization. Grounded in our mission, we understand that this new work presents new challenges. Here are our commitments:

  • The situation around us and impacting the people PCP serves is changing rapidly. We must be nimble and proactive, while also staying focused on creating high-quality content.
  • A fundamental goal will always be to disseminate meaningful and thoughtful content in a variety of formats that prioritize brevity and actionable information. The content we are creating is drawn from our Relational Leadership framework, and we believe it will be supportive to those fighting COVID-19.
  • We will constantly find ways to improve our work, adding an evaluative lens to everything we produce through the solicitation and assessment of qualitative and quantitative feedback.

We know there will be a day when we deliver our programs again in person, albeit changed by this experience. We look forward to those moments of in-person connection and community we’re so accustomed to building — and will continue to build — when the COVID-19 crisis subsides. Until that day comes, please let us know what else we can do to help.

Primary Care Progress

Founded in 2010, Primary Care Progress is a national organization committed to building stronger primary care teams. Working with current and future healthcare professionals from across disciplines and career stages – from students and faculty to providers and health systems leaders – we offer leadership development and support that emphasizes relational skills, individual resiliency, and advocacy. By providing the resources and community necessary to excel, we’re strengthening the teams at the heart of primary care, ultimately leading to sustainable models of care and better health for all.

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