We're redefining leadership for an evolving system of care

At the core of Primary Care Progress’s leadership development strategy is Relational Leadership™, an approach to leading that cultivates authentic relationships to achieve connection, common vision, and interdependent action. It is a healthcare leadership competency model built upon decades of social psychology research into people, their motivations, how they learn and work, and unique ways in which they influence and are influenced by others when in groups. It is ultimately a strategy for people to work together to achieve better results.

But working collaboratively doesn’t just happen especially in healthcare, where most of us have been taught to go it alone. While we often learn the technical skills to undertake quality improvement and systems redesign, it’s less common for health professions education to focus on the deeply relational aspects of effective teamwork. That’s where Relational Leadership™ comes in, with four key areas or domains to help you achieve success and satisfaction in your work.



PCP provides training and support in Relational Leadership™ in two primary ways:

  • PCP partners with current primary care practitioners, intact healthcare teams, and educators with an opportunity to learn Relational Leadership™ skills and apply them with in their practice environments while building relationships with one another, supporting individual learning and group resilience.
  • PCP works with healthcare student teams and their faculty to develop essential Relational Leadership™ skills and apply those skills to advocate for change in their community.

Whether already operating in an integrated interprofessional care team or working in a traditional healthcare model, all healthcare professionals have the ability to lead from where they stand. Relational Leadership™ is a model of shared leadership focused on developing relational skills at the individual level and across teams. It is grounded in the premise that all team members should grow and develop as leaders, working together interdependently towards a common vision. Leadership is viewed not as a position but as a role, with different individuals taking the lead or following based on context and circumstance.


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