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Do you feel connected to your colleagues and teams? What skills are required to lead in primary care today? Where do you go for support as you navigate change or manage burnout?

At PCP, these are just some of the issues that are on our minds – and the minds of our network. We’re eager to know how we can support clinicians at the front lines of primary care transformation, and work together to build a stronger, more resilient, and more diverse primary care community.

As we continue to build our leadership development services to support practitioners like you, we’d love to talk about what it takes to lead in primary care today. How can organizations, leadership development programs, and reform efforts support you. 

PCP is seeking your insight as we conduct exciting research into the attitudes and daily practices of primary care professionals. We want to hear about your experiences – negative and positive – with leadership development in healthcare, issues like team-based care and resilience, pain points and challenges, and more. Our research will help us determine ways PCP can continue to help the primary care workforce.

Your voice is so crucial in shaping the future of primary care, and we appreciate your willingness to speak with us. Contact us at development@primarycareprogress.org to learn more and participate in this important research endeavor.

Elizabeth Métraux

Director of Communications and Development for PCP, Elizabeth regularly speaks and writes on the art, science, and power of language, as well as performs as a storyteller in the Boston area.

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