PCP Summit 2019 Sponsor Spotlight: DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement

August 16-18, 2019 is PCP’s 8th annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit. Today we’re featuring one of this year’s Champion sponsors, the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement. Read on to discover DentaQuest Partnership’s bold idea to revolutionize healthcare, and stay tuned for more Summit 2019 sponsor features.


PCP: What makes DentaQuest and the nonprofit DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement standout from other healthcare companies?

DentaQuest: DentaQuest is a purpose-driven oral healthcare company dedicated to improving the oral health of all. We do this through Preventistry® – our all-in approach to better care, expanded access, value-based financing, and innovative solutions. We manage dental and vision benefits for 27+ million Americans and provide direct patient care through our network of more than 85 oral health centers in 5 states. We provide outcomes-based, cost-effective dental solutions for Medicaid and CHIP, Medicare Advantage, small and large businesses, and individuals nationwide. The DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement is a nonprofit part of the DentaQuest family of organizations that is focused on strategic grantmaking, contributing to evidence-based care, and developing person-centered care programs.

PCP: The DentaQuest Partnership is “laser-focused on transforming our broken healthcare system.” How does the Partnership plan on driving that transformation?

DentaQuest: Earlier this year, DentaQuest took bold steps to integrate the DentaQuest Institute and DentaQuest Foundation by launching the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement. Through grantmaking, research, care improvement initiatives, and thought leadership, the DentaQuest Partnership is uniquely situated to drive measurable health improvement in communities across the country by:

  • Pursuing person-centered care models through medical-dental integration and value-based transformation
  • Advancing a single, national oral health measurement system
  • Advocating for a public adult dental benefit to expand access

By advancing prevention-focused oral health, we will achieve better overall health for everyone.

PCP: Why is the integration of oral health and primary care so important?

DentaQuest: Health starts in the mouth. In fact, we know now more than ever that people cannot truly be healthy without addressing their oral health. But our healthcare system is not designed to help people receive holistic healthcare or achieve health. For too long the healthcare system has functioned as a complex series of locked doors and too many people are shut out with no keys. We need a new way forward to achieve our mission – to improve the oral health of all. We believe person-centered care, facilitated through interprofessional practice, disease management and value-based transformation will help move oral health forward into the next era of healthcare and result in reduced costs and improved health outcomes, and an enjoyable health experience.

Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit

PCP: What initiative(s) at your company specifically addresses the challenge of advancing interprofessional, team-based care?

DentaQuest: The DentaQuest Partnership has made addressing health disparities through the integration of oral health into primary care practice a signature priority. Our MORE Care (Medical Oral Expanded Care) program aims to integrate oral health competencies and capabilities into primary care offices while building patient-centered referral networks with local dental providers using health information technology. The model is currently being tested and adapted in Central Oregon’s CCO (coordinated care organization) environment, where the healthcare landscape will allow for enhanced ability to establish an interoperative health information technology solution to facilitate interprofessional practice. This opportunity will provide timely insight into how medical and dental programs are able to coordinate care effectively to improve health outcomes.

The DentaQuest Partnership’s Safety Net Solutions® (SNS) program partners with organizations to create an efficient and effective safety net system that improves both the oral health and overall health of patients, with one of the key factors of success being the ability to successfully integrate with primary care. There’s also the DentaQuest Partnership’s Oral Health Value-Based Care (OHVBC) Training Program that works to prepare payers and providers for the transition to value-based care in dentistry. This program focuses on educating, enabling and empowering oral health stakeholders around value-based care in oral health and what they need to know to successfully transform when the opportunity presents itself. Finally, the DentaQuest Partnership has also funded numerous initiatives centered around interprofessional practice, including:

  • National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health (NIIOH) – a systems-change initiative focused on embedding oral health competency into the education and training systems that support primary care clinicians by recruiting leaders from the medical, nursing, physician assistant, and pharmacy professions, is filling the gap in professional education about oral health.
  • National Oral Health Innovation and Integration Network (NOHIIN) – an initiative that supports medical-dental integration and interprofessional practice efforts in Federally Qualified Health Centers. NOHIIN is leading a national movement to unify and empower Primary Care Associations (PCAs) and safety net providers to be champions of oral health through integrated primary and oral healthcare.
Learn more about the Trainers, Coaches, and Facilitators in PCP’s Leadership Pathway.

PCP: What is the DentaQuest Partnership’s bold idea to redesign or revolutionize healthcare?

DentaQuest: At DentaQuest, we are relentlessly dedicated to improving the oral health of all. To do this, we take an all-in approach: better care, expanded access, investment in innovative solutions, and transformative systems change that we call Preventistry. There are four main components to this vision:

  • CARE: We are redefining prevention and care for everyone by looking beyond the dental chair and into the community for approaches that keep people healthy.
  • VALUE: The key to realizing better health through oral health is to reward value over volume and transform how people access and understand dental care.
  • INNOVATION: Disrupting the status quo and investing in new solutions is essential when your bottom line is more than dollars and cents. Our future demands a more compassionate, integrated oral health experience for all.
  • TRANSFORMATION: It takes powerful partnerships and collaboration to achieve a measurably healthier community. Together, we advocate for quality oral healthcare to make this a reality.

PCP: Thank you for being a Champion-level sponsor for the 8th Annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit. What is it about our Summit that inspired you to support our event?

DentaQuest: Thank you for the opportunity to be here! Like Primary Care Progress, we believe in the power of relationships and collective action to achieve our vision. As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Connecting across disciplines — and especially with the next generation of clinician leaders, starting at PCP’s Leadership Summit — is going to help us all change the healthcare system, improve health outcomes, and have the impact on individuals that is core to both our missions.

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