Celebrating the first decade at Primary Care Progress


In 2010, Primary Care Progress was founded by a group of students and advocates who believed deeply in the importance of primary care. What started as a grassroots movement has grown into a collection of programs, a Relational Leadership approach, and a community of change-makers who all have powerful stories to tell.

PCP’s 10 Years of Stories Project will showcase members of the PCP Family who have grown with us as leaders. Each story will contain unique perspectives about the vibrant, unique, and transformational experiences that PCP’s programs foster, and how those formative moments impact their lives today. Over the next few months, join us as we explore how we’ve grown alongside the PCP Network and continue to make a positive impact on thousands of health professionals at the heart of care and the patients they serve.

Watch all of the 10 Years of Stories Project on YouTube

As we begin to celebrate our first decade and look ahead to the next, the value of primary care is once again being called into question — and we find ourselves at a similar moment of challenge and opportunity. COVID-19 has pulled into sharp focus the need for primary care and the critical role primary care providers play in patients’ lives. Now more than ever, the community at the heart of care will be called upon to come together as great leaders and teams to transform care for all.

You are with us as we imagine a better future for healthcare, and you are with us as we work to make that vision a reality. Please make your gift of any amount today to support our commitment to strengthen the community at the heart of care — because we’re all in this fight together.