Cultivating Clinician Leaders

There are two major trends playing out in primary care. On the one hand, we have massive levels of burnout and a growing exodus of clinicians from the workforce. On the other, we have a renaissance of primary care taking root in pockets around the country.

The individuals at the front lines of this renaissance need expertise in a new type of leadership that places just as much emphasis on the heart as the head. With increasing data underscoring the outsized role that relationships play in motivating action, Relational Leadership™ augments technical approaches to systems change, with social strategies that leverage the power of human connection to make those changes stick.

From 90-minute sessions to day-long workshops, we’re equipping practitioners with the relational skills to thrive.


Our interactive, action-oriented workshops deliver powerful skills, insights, and real-world application to help your teams build capacity and build community.

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Keynotes and Grand Rounds

When you're ready to spark a conversation among your team or institution about what's possible in primary care, contact us.

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