Narrative Leadership: Teamwork Through Storytelling

Narrative Leadership is a framework for strengthening teams, establishing connection, and motivating action through storytelling. One of PCP’s most popular offerings, the Narrative Leadership series has been delivered to a wide range of healthcare providers, faculty, as well as healthcare students and trainees over the last decade. Participants develop an understanding of the role and importance of storytelling as a leadership tool to help build strong, interdependent teams and strengthen team culture — in service of achieving a shared mission.

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Current Offerings

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Narrative Leadership: The Story of Self
The practice of narrative leadership is an emerging framework to establish connection among team members, cultivate self-awareness, reduce burnout, and motivate action through the use of storytelling. In this workshop, participants will explore the art and science of story, working in pairs to collaboratively craft a story that connects their background to their profession. Participants walk away with the ability to use storytelling as a tool to better understand their own values and motivations, as well as a tool to build connections with one another, with their care teams, and to collectively motivate others to take action.

Narrative Leadership: Story of Self and Story of Us
This workshop expands on the Story of Self techniques by inviting participants to discover the shared values between one another. Using this lens, the Story of Us workshop encourages a more tight-knit sense of community among team members through the exploration of the collective challenges facing a community, the collaborative choices that are or can be made, and the potential outcomes and impact of those shared choices and experiences. Story of Us is a powerful tool to galvanize teams around a shared mission and future direction.

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