Lisa Hutchinson and Kelsey Priest Talk Sexism, Complicity, and Community Action in Healthcare


According to a report by the Association of American Medical Colleges, 2017 marked the first time the majority of those entering medical school were female.

Despite the welcome increase in women in the ranks of medicine, healthcare has a long way to go to reflecting a culture of inclusion and equity. Indeed, the #MeToo moment has yet to hit the medical field with the same force it captured many other industries.

That’s why young leaders like Lisa Hutchinson and Kelsey Priest are such inspiring, powerful examples of the future of medicine.

In this episode of Relational Rounds, we sit down with two women who are working hard to reshape healthcare for other women, colleagues, and patients. From providing healthcare to homeless youth and high-utilizing patients, to offering resources to female medical students confronting sexism in the classroom, Lisa and Kelsey share reflections on their early careers in healthcare and their efforts to train the next generation of primary care clinicians through Primary Care Progress.

Listen to the entire episode to hear Lisa and Kelsey’s experiences as women, physicians, and activists in this moment of #MeToo.

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The opinions and ideas expressed by Lisa and Kelsey are theirs alone and do not reflect those of their institutions or affiliations.

Elizabeth Métraux

Senior Advisor for Thought Leadership at PCP, Elizabeth regularly speaks and writes on the art, science, and power of language, as well as performs as a storyteller in the Boston area.

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