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Drawing on his experience as both a primary care clinician and community organizer, Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer is focused on the morale and engagement of America’s health professional workforce and utilizing a comprehensive set of strategies for revitalizing that community. He regularly writes and speaks on the importance of community-building, Relational Leadership™, and various strategies for helping teams and individuals thrive. In addition to being the founder and board chair of Primary Care Progress, he is the founder of the Relational Leadership Institute at Oregon Health and Science University as well as a Director of the Morris-Singer Foundation. He has been featured in national media outlets that include NPR, CNN, and The New York Times, and speaks regularly at academic medical institutions and professional conferences across the country — from the Aspen Ideas Festival to your own institution’s Grand Rounds.

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Addressing Burnout Will Take a Village: The Why, What and How of Community-Building
Drawing on extensive data, Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer showcases the role isolation and decreased interpersonal connection has played in accelerating the epidemic of health professional burnout and concrete strategies that systems, teams, and individual leaders can use to reverse this trend.

Relational Leadership to Revitalize Primary Care

Hear insights and examples from the world of primary care transformation that showcase how physicians and health professionals are building teams and leading change efforts in powerful new ways — not only resulting in higher levels of performance, but also in higher levels of work satisfaction and resilience.

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