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As a primary care clinician with more than 25 years of experience in community organizing, Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer regularly writes and speaks on current trends in primary care, community organizing strategies to advance primary care reform, and the emerging model of Relational Leadership™. In addition to being featured in national media outlets that include NPR, CNN, and The New York Times, he also speaks at academic medical institutions and professional conferences across the country from the Aspen Ideas Festival to your own institution’s Grand Rounds.

Popular keynotes

Igniting a Movement In Primary Care

Since the dawn of time, the need for community has been a fundamental driver for human behavior. But how can primary care professionals go from the idea of community to the creation of community? Dr. Morris-Singer shares how to get started in the Ohio Osteopathic Association’s Spring 2018 Buckeye Osteopathic Physician, a preview of his keynote at the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium.

Power and Practice of Community-Building in Primary Care

Social movements offer important lessons and powerful strategies for advancing meaningful change in healthcare. From the historical roots of community organizing to the practical realities of making change in challenging clinical environments, learn how to establish coalition, mobilize resources, and advance shared aims — revitalizing yourself and your teams in the process.


Relational Leadership to Revitalize Primary Care

Hear insights and examples from the world of primary care transformation that showcase how physicians and health professionals are building teams and leading change efforts in powerful new ways — not only resulting in higher levels of performance, but also in higher levels of work satisfaction and resilience.

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