Introducing a New Chapter at PCP

It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Brian Souza, our new CEO at PCP. After an exhaustive national search that brought us in contact with an exceptional group of people, we’re delighted that Brian has agreed to bring his vision and skills into PCP’s work of infusing Relational Leadership™ throughout the national primary care workforce.

Brian brings a wealth of expertise from his leadership role at DentaQuest, where he played a critical role in the expansion and success of the organization. Brian has also served in a number of leadership roles in the health and social services sector, including at the Boston Partnership for Older Adults and Community Care Alliance, a network of community health centers affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Anyone who’s gotten to work with Brian becomes immediately struck by his charisma, strategic eye, and incredibly relational approach to work. He’s exactly the type of leader we need for this next phase at PCP.

Brian’s leadership will be critical during this tumultuous time in healthcare. Burnout among health professionals is reaching unprecedented levels, and systems are grappling with how to respond. More and more leaders in healthcare are reaching out to PCP for assistance and resources. Our latest piece about moral injury in healthcare shows our approaches and perspectives are increasingly gaining traction. The focus now, and where PCP will lean on Brian for his business acumen and insight, is on the implementation of these approaches. How do we package these ideas in a manner that fits with various institutions’ logistical, financial, and cultural realities? How do we advance the work so it has the greatest potential for impact, and for the most people? And how do we do that in a sustainable manner? These are the important questions facing PCP, and we feel profoundly fortunate to have Brian leading us forward to take each of these challenges on in turn.

One of the greatest moments for me on any day is when a colleague or member of the network gives me unsolicited feedback about a member of our team and tells me how fantastic they are. I’m proud to announce that this happens all of the time. I have no doubt that as Brian takes the lead at PCP, this is going to happen even more often. He believes in the power of community, the importance of teaming, and understands how to leverage the head and the heart – beliefs that are at the core of PCP and the people in our network.

Brian is committed to lead the PCP team, our values, and our approach to leadership transformation designed to strengthen the community at the heart of care. Turning the tide in healthcare won’t happen overnight. But with Brian at the helm for PCP, we’re energized for what the future holds. Please join me in welcoming Brian to the PCP family!

Andrew Morris-Singer

Dr. Morris-Singer, board certified in internal medicine, is President and Founder of Primary Care Progress, as well as a practicing clinician, medical educator, and leadership consultant. With nearly twenty years of experience in advocacy, he regularly writes and speaks on current trends in primary care, community organizing strategies to advance primary care reform, and the emerging model of Relational Leadership™.

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