In Honor Of The Healers: A Message In The Aftermath Of Las Vegas


Today is the start of National Primary Care Week, when PCP typically begins our annual fundraising efforts. As the team connected this morning about the events of the weekend, however, it was clear we needed to share a far more important message.

The mission of Primary Care Progress is to strengthen the community at the heart of care. As we mourn the victims of last night’s deadly shooting in Las Vegas, we’re reminded of the extraordinary individuals who make up that community of care – the first responders, the medics, the emergency room teams, the law enforcement officers, the mothers and fathers, and all those who saw the need – and never hesitated to answer the call.

It’s clear we’re living in difficult, divisive times – from yesterday’s tragic events to the devastating loss of life in Puerto Rico, and the escalation of violence motivated by prejudice and bigotry in locations across our country.

As a mission-driven organization, we stand united with all victims of hate, violence, and neglect, and in solidarity with the men and women who have taken a stand and taken a knee in defense of social justice, fairness, truth, and kindness.

And as we stand against the violence, we also do so as healthcare providers. Hippocrates famously noted that “whenever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” And so, in these challenging times, we honor the lovers of humanity – the healers – on the front lines, as they serve our nation at our greatest need.

Today, we urge our network to invest in organizations directly serving individuals impacted by events in Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and other regions still recovering from tragedy and working to rebuild.

Primary Care Progress

Founded in 2010, Primary Care Progress is a national organization committed to building stronger primary care teams. Working with current and future healthcare professionals from across disciplines and career stages – from students and faculty to providers and health systems leaders – we offer leadership development and support that emphasizes relational skills, individual resiliency, and advocacy. By providing the resources and community necessary to excel, we’re strengthening the teams at the heart of primary care, ultimately leading to sustainable models of care and better health for all.

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