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PCP offers a wide range of highly interactive, in-person workshops and programs tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our Relational Leadership™ workshops and programs provide the tools to help you and your colleagues develop new practices; build trust with team members; and integrate new ideas, skills, and approaches into your workflow. Participants walk away from workshops with skills and insights to help their team improve communication, collaboration and coordination and to build trust, capacity, and community.

Over the past decade, PCP has built a robust model of leadership and teaming experiences unique to healthcare settings called Relational Leadership™. The framework — derived from decades of research into people, their motivations, and how they learn and work — is the art and exercise of cultivating relationships as the first step to creating meaningful, sustainable change. Grounded in these principles, each workshop or program is designed to provide insights and experience-based learning that help healthcare professionals connect to their teams, their patients, and ultimately, rebuild community in healthcare.

See our current offerings in Narrative Leadership: Teamwork Through Storytelling and Teaming, and contact us to learn more about bringing a PCP workshop or program to your clinic or institution.

What Sets Us Apart

We help healthcare teams thrive

We understand that the healthcare industry changes at a pace unmatched in nearly any other field and that healthcare teams encounter new innovations, improvement initiatives, and policies on a daily basis. Integrating new practices, ideas, and approaches while ensuring quality care isn’t easy. That’s where our workshops and programs, designed by healthcare experts specifically for healthcare teams and regularly updated to reflect new industry trends, provide a solution: we equip your team with the tools to innovate and improve, all while building trust, collaboration, and a sense of community within the team.

Trusted experience at the front of the room

Our trainers include a mix of healthcare professionals and learning and development professionals, giving care teams the opportunity to learn from a diversity of perspectives and experiences. As practitioners and clinicians in the trenches, PCP’s National Training Team understands firsthand what care teams are going through — and can prepare them with the skills to overcome those challenges.

Community, connection, and leveraging the head and the heart

As Simon Sinek noted, “Leadership isn’t about being in charge; it’s about taking care of those in your charge.” Each member of the team has a role in supporting the health of the team. In addition to supporting all team members to develop a fresh perspective on leadership and teaming in healthcare, PCP provides each member with actionable skills and practices that nurture their own professional growth and the cohesiveness of the team. By learning what motivates and inspires you and your colleagues, individuals and teams work more collaboratively in advance of a shared mission. To accomplish this, participants learn how to move beyond traditional lone-rangerism to establish inclusive, collaborative spaces that promote trust, psychological safety, and interdependent teamwork.

By being a part of Primary Care Progress, care teams will not only develop these skills, they’ll also gain access to our national community of leaders and team-builders. We know transformation takes a village — join ours so we can help you deliver meaningful change while helping your teams thrive at the same time.

Narrative Leadership: Teamwork Through Storytelling

One of PCP’s most popular offerings, participants develop an understanding of the role and importance of storytelling as a leadership tool to help build strong, interdependent teams and strengthen team culture — in service of achieving a shared mission.

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Teaming Workshops

Each workshop is are designed to provide care teams with the framework to develop the relational skills and practices that are essential to finding common purpose and to fulfilling the promises that coordinated, high quality care can deliver.

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Teaming Program

A highly engaging and customized experience designed to foster an individual’s and team’s ability to work effectively in interdependent teams; navigate changing environments; and maintain a sense of connection to their patients, organization, and purpose.

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Keynotes and Grand Rounds

When you're ready to spark a conversation among your team or institution about what's possible in primary care, contact us.

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