All sessions vary in length from one-hour introductory workshops to two-day certification programs. Contact us for a full course listing. 

Relational Leadership™ to Revitalize Primary Care

In this introductory workshop, gain insights and examples from the world of primary care transformation that showcase how health professionals are building teams and leading change efforts in powerful new ways and grounded in an enhanced focus on relationships. Explore the concepts of Relational Leadership™ in a brief presentation, or dive deeper in an extended workshop.

Narrative Leadership: Tools for Awareness, Connection, and Action

The practice of narrative leadership is an emerging framework to cultivate self awareness, reduce burnout, establish connection, and motivate action through the use of strategic storytelling. In this workshop, participants will explore the art and the science of story, as well as the essential components of compelling and deliberate storytelling to share values, build healthcare teams, and motivate others to take action.

A Journey Inward: Strengthening Resilience and Wellbeing

This workshop is designed for those who want to significantly improve their level of professional and personal resilience for themselves and their teams using the strengths-based method of PERMA. After completing a confidential wellbeing assessment, participants explore various dimensions of wellbeing while practicing exercises designed to develop resilience at work and home.

5 Dynamics: Understanding our Approaches to Learning, Work, and Collaboration

Discover the methodology of 5 Dynamics – a powerful tool for understanding work and learning styles of oneself and fellow team members, and how to use those insights to optimize the performance of a team.  With 5D, examine the ways you approach learning and working with others, and the diverse strengths your team brings to the work.

Building a Team: The Art of a One-to-One

Learn about a simple, powerful skill for teambuilding designed to develop a small, core team of passionate, engaged, colleagues, who share similar values and a common commitment to a vision for change.  One-to-ones teach an approach to engaging new people and discovering what motivates them as you build your teams.

The Physiology of Teaming: Unlocking the Science behind Teamwork

Teams, like individuals, have a physiology, with many stages of development and a progression throughout its life span. In this workshop, discover the stages of team development and gain strategies for guiding a team through these various stages.

Working as a Team: Creative Problem Solving

Much of what we consider teamwork consists of being presented with problems, coming up with solutions, and executing plans. Engage with a creative problem solving framework, and learn specific techniques for decision making, goal setting, and collaboration to help accomplish your team’s objectives.

Launching an Effective Team: Laying the Foundation

The best prevention for team conflict is building a solid team foundation early into the team’s formation.  This workshop is designed to guide newly formed teams in conducting a team launch to form goals, establish shared values, and clarify purpose.

Time for Action: Change Maker’s Triangle

Navigate the process of starting local projects and grassroots initiatives through the lens of our Change Maker’s Triangle, a framework defining the key elements of strategic action that make initiatives more likely to succeed.

Crucial Conversations: A Path to Transforming Conflict

When individuals have awareness of what happens beneath the surface of a crucial conversation, they can respond with intention and confidence. Participants in this workshop will gain awareness of their response to conflict situations and understand how their mindset supports or hinders effective dialogue.

Teaming Skills: Basics of Meeting Management

Delve into the technical skills of meeting management, and discover how to create consistent, efficient, and effective meetings using best practices in the field to achieve team success and satisfaction.

Coaching Fundamentals: Supporting Other’s Development and Growth

Based on a contemporary strengths-based approach, this session is an opportunity for up-and-coming leaders to develop a comprehensive approach to supporting the growth and development of others. Learn basic coaching theory and gain the tools to explore and practice a new set of coaching skills.

The Art of Facilitation: How to Engage Others in Meaningful Dialogue

The collective information generated by a group of people can be incredibly powerful. Facilitation is one of the most important skills for leaders of teams, consisting of the process skills used to guide and direct key parts of organizing work, making difficult decisions, and effectively collaborating.