COVID-19 | A Message from Primary Care Progress and A Community of Support


All of us at Primary Care Progress want to express our deep gratitude to the public and private healthcare institutions, clinics, care teams, providers, and support staff who are fighting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the frontlines. We know that keeping everyone safe is priority one for the entire healthcare community working tirelessly to slow the spread of the virus and to provide care for those affected.

While we know that there is much left to learn about the virus, here’s what we do know: in the U.S. we are only just beginning to implement necessary containment measures and to understand the full scope of viral transmission and the resultant impacts. This virus appears to have stealthily crept far deeper into all of our social, professional, and community circles. The subsequent demands on the healthcare community will be monumental: to provide care for those impacted, and at the same time, doing what’s needed to catch up and to develop and learn about effective treatments for COVID-19.

Overcoming these obstacles will require resilience and perseverance — attributes demonstrated by countless providers before and throughout this pandemic. Like so many, we recognize the importance of “pulling out all the stops” to slow the spread of the virus and to do what we can to limit its impact. We recognize that this difficult time will likely include feelings of frustration, uncertainty, fear, isolation, and loneliness for everyone impacted, especially for healthcare providers, patients, and their families.

To combat against this, and to provide what support we can, we’ve partnered with 3rd Conversation, powered by X4 Health, to launch a space dedicated to building deeper connection and community in a trying time. We created the COVID-19: Providers & Patients Supporting Each Other Facebook Group to host a forum for discussing the ways we can preserve the connection and relationship that fuels us even as distance and disconnection have become necessary new norms. At its core, this group is meant for those who greatly value the relationships between and among patients, healthcare providers, and staff on the frontlines who are giving their all to fight this pandemic.

So much of what we speak about and teach at PCP focuses on building the leadership skills, team strength, and community capacity for the people at the heart of care. We know that staying committed to these ideals and our mission is more important now than ever. All of us at PCP are keeping our ears, eyes, and hearts open to understand how we can best support you. We will do what we can, however we can, to provide strength to you and your care teams during this critically important time. Please let us know how we can help.

We also wanted to share a few of the most credible sources we’ve found that are based on data and science. These have been the most helpful in disseminating accurate and actionable information about COVID-19.

Flatten the Curve
Coronavirus: Why you must act now
CDC’s recommendations for everyone

On behalf of everyone at PCP, please know we’re here for you and are eternally grateful for your work on the frontlines of healthcare.

Brian Souza

Brian Souza has worked with healthcare non-profits for more than two decades. He brings his vision and expertise into Primary Care Progress’ work of infusing Relational Leadership™ throughout the national primary care workforce.

Andrew Morris-Singer

Dr. Morris-Singer, board certified in internal medicine, is President and Founder of Primary Care Progress, as well as a practicing clinician, medical educator, and leadership consultant. With nearly twenty years of experience in advocacy, he regularly writes and speaks on current trends in primary care, community organizing strategies to advance primary care reform, and the emerging model of Relational Leadership™.

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