Co-creating solutions as unique as your team

Built on a foundation of Relational Leadership™, we work closely with academic medical centers, health systems, healthcare innovators, and clinicians to support leadership development and change management efforts. 

Our interventions are unique in four powerful ways:

  • We believe in the power of interprofessionalism in healthcare, championing diverse care teams that work collaboratively to support each other and their patients.
  • We build community through our longitudinal relationships with clients and clinicians. With programs and workshops tailored to every career stage, we grow alongside healthcare professionals and offer the community essential to peer learning and support, as well as improved resilience and wellbeing.
  • Because many of our trainers and leadership professionals are clinicians themselves – and have direct experience navigating the challenges of teamwork, change management, and burnout – our commitment to healthcare stems from an awareness of the current system’s complexity and the urgency to fix it.
  • We’re well aware that supporting change requires participants “getting it” in both their heads and the hearts, and therefore our interventions all possess a powerful experiential component so people walk away with new skills, knowledge, and mindsets.

Our consulting services range from 90-minute and half-day workshops and trainings, to longer engagements that include coaching, change management, and customized courses.

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