The power of connection and developing community

As levels of work-life satisfaction for clinicians drop, more than half of providers report feeling burned out and isolated. American medicine is facing an epidemic, requiring a creative, inventive approach focused on people, not just systems change. Creating an environment that builds community — grounded in the power of relationships and authentic connection across teams — could be a missing link that helps turn the tide in healthcare.

Read “Combating Clinician Burnout with Community-Building” in NEJM Catalyst.

Recent data makes abundantly clear how needed connection is in our everyday existence and the devastating impact of the lack of community on personal health and wellness, with isolation and loneliness leading to morbidity at rates higher than that of smoking and obesity.

As the field of clinician wellness evolves, it’s imperative to focus on the formal and informal ways that human connections can be created and sustained. As evidenced by examples from large health systems like Mayo to a network of primary care sites in Boston, practices as simple as meetings and peer groups can make an immense difference in the daily experience of health professionals, and need to be a part of comprehensive solutions to address growing rates of clinician burnout and disengagement.

At PCP, we’re working hard to develop this essential — and missing — sense of community within the walls of our clinics and systems. We’re showing care teams how to cultivate the essential Relational Leadership™ practices to foster such spaces, and thereby providing the therapeutic benefit of connection and community to clinicians. From working with teams to optimize collaboration and interdependency, to using stories for connection and resilience, this work is more important now than ever — backed by the science of community, the power of vulnerability, and the promise of a more fulfilled workforce.

See how PCP infuses this creative approach to community-building and connection into what we do.