Student leaders catalyzing community action

The Catalyst Project, an initiative of PCP and The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, cultivates student leaders while addressing community health needs in locations across the country. Through their participation, Catalyst team members play a leadership role in advancing the health of their local community, and establish a powerful foundation of leadership skills essential throughout their clinical careers.The program is directed by a group of national experts in leadership development, community health, patient engagement, and primary care innovation. To learn more, see our Catalyst Project FAQ.

The application period for this year's program is now closed. Please check back for announcements regarding next year or contact

A Closer Look

Piloted in 2016 with four PCP teams, the Catalyst Project is expanding in 2017 to include up to eight teams working together in a national learning collaborative, with hands-on guidance and support to catalyze conversations about primary care innovation and transformation. Teams begin by analyzing their local Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to identify actionable primary care health needs in their local communities. After identifying and engaging key stakeholders and inventorying community assets, resources, and gaps, teams select one CHNA area to focus on and begin convening local leaders for meaningful, action-oriented dialogues to advance innovations and identify metrics for success. Example areas of focus could include behavioral health integration into primary care or enhanced access to oral health services.

Catalyst Teams