Anoop Raman

Anoop Raman is a 4th-year MD/MBA student at Tufts University School of Medicine. He chose to apply to family medicine after spending nearly two years working as a finance and management advisor with Partners In Health in hospitals and health centers in rural Rwanda. He is excited to start the NYPH-Columbia Family Medicine Residency Program.

Family Medicine or Internal Medicine: How One Student Chose

Match Day is one of the most important days in a medical student’s life. It’s when students learn which residency program they “matched” into and whether the match will lead them to a clinic down the street or a hospital across the country. But the road to Match Day is often paved with tough decisions. Here, Anoop Raman, who will be starting NYPH-Columbia Family Medicine Residency in July, tells us how he chose between family medicine and internal medicine-primary care.