2019 Annual Report

Andrew Morris-Singer

Founder and Chair of the Board

Brian Souza


A letter from

Andrew Morris-Singer

Founder and Chair of the Board


Brian Souza


Dear Colleagues,

This past year was an important one in the evolution of PCP. Brian’s first full year as CEO represented a new chapter for the organization. Brian brings a passion for engagement and relationship, recognizing that complex systems change work is only possible when many actors — both people and institutions — align and partner around a common vision.

In 2020, PCP reaches the 10-year mark, and our Relational Leadership™ approach will be even more deeply ingrained in all that we do. We will do more to listen to providers inside and outside the PCP community to understand their pain points, and what PCP can do to help support them within a tumultuous healthcare system. We will do more to spread PCP’s relational ideas and ideals across the healthcare landscape. And we will do more to partner with leaders — defined not by rank or title, but by a passion to catalyze change — to co-create a culture in healthcare worthy of the people at the heart of it.

Stronger relationships alone won’t resolve all that’s ailing healthcare. But at PCP, we believe that stronger teams, woven tightly together within a community united by a shared vision, are the heart of a movement to bring healthcare back to the way it’s meant to be practiced — people helping people on a personal, relational level. From the PCP Leadership Pathway, Relational Leadership Institute, our Workshop and Keynotes, and all the students and faculty in the PCP Action Network, the momentum for this movement continues to grow. And there’s so much work left to be done.

All that PCP does would not be possible without the support of the entire PCP community and our partners. As PCP enters its second decade, we look forward to spearheading healthcare’s transformation together.

Andrew Morris-Singer

Brian Souza

The PCP Approach:
Relational LeadershipTM

Trainings designed by healthcare experts for healthcare teams

Concrete tools to support innovation and improvement

A focus on building trust, collaboration, and community

Access to our national community of practicing, interprofessional leaders and team-builders

Impact and Growth


More than 3,200 Relational Leadership™ participants each year

Data from 2015-2019. Includes Clinicians, Students, Faculty, and event attendees exposed to Relational Leadership™ across all PCP Programs.

Workshops and

  • investing

    Student Action Network

    Typically based on the campuses of academic medical institutions, this is the space where students, trainees, and faculty promote primary care in their communities, advance innovations in care delivery, and advocate for health equity and better access to care.

  • investing

    Narrative Leadership: Teamwork Through Storytelling

    Narrative Leadership is a framework for strengthening teams, establishing connection, and motivating action through storytelling.

  • investing

    Teaming Workshops

    PCP’s Teaming workshops are designed to provide care teams with the framework to develop the relational skills and practices that are essential to finding common purpose and fulfilling the promises that coordinated, high quality care can deliver.

  • investing

    Healthcare Teaming Program

    PCP’s Healthcare Teaming Program is an intervention that is highly engaging and customized experience that fosters an individual’s and team’s ability to work effectively in interdependent teams; navigate changing environments; and maintain a sense of connection to their patients, organization, and purpose.

Workshops and

PCP offers a wide range of highly interactive, in-person workshops tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs. From our groundbreaking Relational Leadership Institute to customized workshops, we work with clinics, health systems, academic medical centers, and interprofessional teams to deliver our curriculum in a variety of formats and settings.

Our Partners

PCP is committed to helping current clinicians and the next generation connect to their teams, their patients, and ultimately, rebuild community in primary care. PCP’s partners share these values with us, often contributing both strategically and tactically.

Academic Partners – Relational Leadership Institute
Co-created by PCP and Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) in 2017, RLI is an interprofessional and cross-generational learning collaborative. Participants go through the program as a cohort, working in partnership to develop a timely set of leadership skills to impact healthcare and health.

Donors and Supporters

  • Funders and supporters
  • Individual donors
  • ABIM Foundation
  • Anne Katherine Hust
  • Anonymous
  • The Andrew and Corey Morris-Singer Foundation
  • Brian Blank
  • Brian Souza
  • Bryan Eric Simmons
  • C. Todd Staub, M.D.
  • Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
  • CareMore Health
  • DentaQuest
  • Donald Glazer
  • Emily D. Brower
  • Fitzhugh Mullan
  • Frank Morris
  • The Gordon and Jenny Singer Foundation
  • HMS Center for Primary Care
  • Jacqueline Nwando Olayiwola
  • Jennifer Joyce
  • Jim Sabin
  • Jonathan R. Sugarman
  • Julian J. Harris
  • Julie Schirmer
  • Kenny Weill
  • Kimberly Hutchison
  • Krisda Chaiyachati
  • Lawrence Singer
  • Linda Singer
  • Maine Health Access Foundation
  • Margaret Ambrosino
  • Matthew Lewis
  • Neil Baker
  • Optum
  • Oregon Health & Sciences University
  • Susan Kaufman
  • Teladoc
  • Teresea Morris
  • Terry Kassel
  • The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education
  • UnitedHealthcare Group


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