A Team to Fix HealthCare — Stephanie Bartz, Curtis Mock, Todd Staub, and Kay Stevens Madler from OptumCare

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The statistics are now known by everyone: by September 2018 it was reported by the Physicians Foundation that 78% of doctors are presenting symptoms of burnout. Physicians have the highest rates of suicide in the nation; interns experience a 10-fold increase in depression during the first year of internship; it is a very tough time to be in medicine. There are many institutions fighting back against this trend; one of them is OptumCare, which is an incredible team that is working hard to reverse this trend.


OptumCare is a subsidiary of United Health, the world largest healthcare provider, serving 115 million individuals. Optum is working to transform the U.S. health system into one that serves people with greater value, with a focus on ambulatory, community-based and primary-care-driven solutions.


Today guests are Stephanie Bartz, VP, strategy and chief of staff of OptumCare; Curtis Mock, physician executive, serving as Culture facilitator, a member of Optum diversity and inclusion council, and a member of culture leadership team; Todd Staub, senior VP of physician relations; and Kay Stevens Madler, director of the office for provider advancement, focusing on provider development and engagement.


Key takeaways:

[1:37] Stephanie Bartz

[1:51] Curtis Mock

[2:18] Todd Staub

[2:35] Kay Stevens Madler

[3:06] Why wellness?

[5:19] What bring Curtis Mock into this space?

[6:20] The space of culture.

[9:18] Biggest challenges.

[11:14] Building resiliency.

[13:18] Creating community.

[14:23] What can be done?

[16:01] People were seeking for purpose but were missing a place to go.

[16:49] Meaning of leadership in healthcare today.

[18:06] Co-creation at OptumCare.

[21:39] Medical Culture.

[22:15] Primary care to keep people out of hospitals.

[25:20] Is the healthcare system heading to a “bank bailout” moment?

[27:28] Is there a physician shortage in the U.S.?

[29:10] Rethinking healthcare.

[30:32] Realities on the inside and the outside of the clinic.

[32:20] Primary care is a mirror of society.

[34:12] Optum going beyond the clinic with their Mobile Clinics.

[37:48] Social determinants of health.

[38:42] Using technology to support relationships.

[39:33] Empowering patients.

[41:05] Burnout.

[42:16] The difference in OptumCare practices.

[44:36] Clinicians are building a resilient and positive culture.

[45:10] The crucial value of inclusion.

[46:17] Rapid Fire questions!


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