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Primary Care Progress catalyzes meaningful change in the way we relate to each other within the healthcare ecosystem to improve the quality of interactions, outcomes, and lives of every individual.

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Student Action Network 2021-2021 Team Applications Now Open

Our Student Action Network is the learning space where PCP Team Leaders develop their Relational Leadership™ skills while making an impact on their communities. PCP will be accepting up to 20 teams for active membership for the upcoming academic year. Completion and submission is required of all current and new student-led teams interested in joining the Student Action Network next year.  The application period will be open until April 30, 2021. View the application and apply today.



PCP Statement on Georgia Shootings and Anti-Asian Violence

Primary Care Progress condemns the murders of eight people this week in Atlanta, GA, including six women of Asian descent. Every one of us at PCP stands in solidarity with the Asian American community and all communities of color against racist and violent acts of any kind. Xenophobic rhetoric and actions only further divide us during a time when we should be connecting with one another to unearth the values that unite us.


The continued rise of racial harassment, hate crimes, and discrimination against the Asian and Pacific Islander community is despicable. To our entire PCP Network and the healthcare community who are targeted and impacted by these hateful acts, we are here for you. We are prepared to work with others to ensure bigotry is eradicated from our society.


PCP Open Access

In the latest iteration of PCP’s Relational Response Initiative, PCP Open Access is a free, online series designed to help clinicians develop the relational and teaming skills needed to thrive in these increasingly virtual times. More information about the next online workshop is coming soon.


Relational Response Initiative

PCP values the relationships between and among patients, healthcare providers, and staff on the frontlines who are working tirelessly to slow the spread of the COVID-19 and to do what they can to limit its impact. Over the last several months, PCP has re-engineered the ways in which we deliver our Relational Leadership curriculum in a variety of virtual formats. Please visit our Relational Response Initiative for content and resources designed to support healthcare professionals on the frontlines and medical students in transition because of the pandemic. We are also highlighting resources like those from the National Alliance for Mental Illness for anyone that could be facing urgent emotional crises.


In addition, we invite you to join the COVID-19: Providers & Patients Supporting Each Other Facebook Group, meant for those who greatly value the relationships between and among patients, healthcare providers, and staff who are giving their all to fight this pandemic.

Stories of COVID Global Initiative

In partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and with generous support from the Morris-Singer Foundation, we’re inviting everyone impacted by this pandemic — clinicians, staff, health professions students, patients, and family members — to share their personal perspectives and experiences. Share your Story of the COVID-19 Crisis.



Cultivating Clinician Leaders

Working with current and future healthcare professionals from across disciplines and career stages, PCP’s leadership workshops and team development programs build the relational, individual resilience, and advocacy skills needed to excel in healthcare today.

Our Ideas

Progress Notes Blog

Introducing The Relational Link: Leadership in Healthcare Series

Tony Fontana

By incorporating a variety of concepts, theories, data, and perspectives from relational leaders in the field, Relational Link will bring context and circumstance to the Relational Leadership skills we teach. The series will demonstrate the "how" and "why" these moments of connection matter, and how transformative safe, authentic, and trusting relationships can be.

Progress Notes Blog

A Conversation with Optum’s Chief of the Office for Provider Advancement Dr. Amy Nguyen Howell

Primary Care Progress

Optum's Dr. Amy Nguyen Howell shares how she sets out to achieve her overarching mission: to help physicians and providers have joy and fulfillment in their career.

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