Strengthening the community at the heart of care

Through leadership development and community building, we support the individuals and teams

working to achieve better health for all.

Cultivating Clinician Leaders

Working with current and future healthcare professionals from across disciplines and career stages, PCP’s leadership workshops and team development programs build the relational, individual resilience, and advocacy skills needed to excel in healthcare today.

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PCP Summit 2019 Sponsor Spotlight: OptumCare

Primary Care Progress

OptumCare understands that healthcare is local, but relationships are personal, and they intentionally create spaces for those relationships to thrive.

Progress Notes Blog

Planting the Seeds of RLI@Carolina

Sarah Smithson

Have you ever had a continuing education experience that dramatically changed the way you worked immediately after you participated? In the fall of 2018, I did, and I returned to UNC, sharing my RLI experience with anyone who would listen.

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