Voices for Primary Care


Primary care…

Is the underdog.  Is undervaluedIs misunderstoodIs outdated.  Is antiquated.  Is dysfunctional.  Needs a makeover. Could use a LOUD cheerleading section.
Is brimming with hope.  Is team-based care.  Is timeless. Is the future of health care. Is THE place for higher quality care and lower spending.

Primary care has been grasping for a voice in the conversation.  It’s silenced in medical schools.  It’s ostracized in society.  It’s undervalued by the financial powers that be and our system of health care payment. 
What does primary care WANT to say?  What does primary care NEED to say at this historic moment? It needs a voice.  What should the media, the health care system, payers, Congress, medical educators know about the true value of primary care?
This National Primary Care Week, voice the value of primary care in the health care system and in all of our lives. Express it in pictures. In video.  Or in words.  

Here are a few examples from PCP's National Team:


And then most importantly, spread the word about the need to give primary care its voice.
Here's How:
1. Download and print the PDF for the "Primary Care..." signboard.  If you can't print in color- or can't print it out at all- no worries.  Write what primary care means to you on any sheet of paper.
2. Using the examples in the right-hand column as a guide, write out your message on the signboard. 
3. Have someone take your picture, aiming for a head and shoulders shot but feel free to get creative.  The important thing is that the message is clear and visible.
4. Email it to us at media@primarycareprogress.org.


Not sure what to say? Here are a few examples to get your creativity flowing:
Primary care is timeless
Primary care is the solution
Primary care needs Congress to pay attention
Primary care needs a seat at the front of the class in med school
Primary care demands more than good GPA scores
Primary care means a community
Primary care is whole health
Primary care can keep our ERs delivering emergency medicine
Primary care’s future is working in teams
Primary care needs a makeover!
Primary care is more than test results
Primary care is a lifelong relationship between people
Primary care kept me alive!
Primary care needs the most innovative minds in medicine.