Inspiration Leadership Community
Microsoft New England Research
and Development Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Aug. 19-21, 2016

For a recap of the weekend, please see our photo album and a Storify tweet summary of #PCPSummit2016, as well as our Top 10 Words of Wisdom from the summit sessions.

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The 5th Annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit was an invitation-only, two-day training bringing together PCP chapter leaders and their faculty advisors for a powerful and unique leadership development program regularly described by past participants as the best leadership training they’ve experienced in health care.
Taught by PCP’s award-winning, interprofessional training team, the summit is a perfect opportunity to introduce chapter leaders and their advisors to PCP’s innovative leadership framework and the variety of impactful projects PCP chapters have used to revitalize primary care.
Unique to the summit are the two leadership development tracks - one for chapter leaders, the other for faculty advisors - both aimed at developing leadership competencies critical for the team building, advocacy and change-management work increasingly occurring in primary care. See the full agenda here.
Attendees of the summit receive:
  • Both informal and formal networking opportunities with colleagues and peers
  • Direct coaching and training in cutting-edge, Relational Leadership practices
  • Diverse teaching models that engage and cater to all learning styles
  • Training on the essential tools of building interprofessional teams
  • A deeper understanding of the variety of local projects chapters can engage in
The summit training team is led by PCP's Chief of Leadership Development Strategy, Marianne Roy. Marianne has spent 20 years working in organizational and leadership development in the health care industry, and was embedded for years as a transformation expert at one of the country’s most advanced primary care systems, the Southcentral Foundation. At PCP, Marianne is responsible for the assessment, design and facilitation of training programs on leadership skills critical to teaming, change management, community engagement, coaching and effective communication for network members and external stakeholders. 

The summit training team also includes former summit participants, chapter leaders and other experts in change-management, clinical innovation and primary care advocacy. See our facilitators' bios here.

Learn more about the 201220132014 and 2015 summits, read blog posts about the topic, or watch a video from the 2015 summit:

Summit sponsors
Sponsorship Packages
There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available, each offering a wide range of promotional opportunities. This is an opportunity to reach a critical group of primary care change makers from different professions and academic settings. Past sponsors have included Microsoft, 5 Dynamics, the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, the ABIM Foundation, the Institute for Healthcare Transformation, the Physician Assistant Education Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians and many others.

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Additional Sponsors:
Association of American Medical Colleges
American College of Physicians
Atrius Health
Best Doctors
Sopie Davis School of Biomedical Education
The Wright Center
  About Gregg Stracks, Psy.D

Greg StracksThe summit honors the late Gregg Stracks. A founding member of PCP, Gregg was a born teacher, visionary and optimist. His commitment to improved leadership practices and the value he placed on community-building and teamwork provided the core framework for PCP’s leadership development efforts. Working with both individuals and teams, Gregg designed his assessments, feedback and coaching to ensure that leaders not only gained a greater perspective on their leadership strengths and developmental areas, but also were provided with concrete ways of leading more effectively.

In addition to his work with PCP, Gregg was a co-founder of OPUS Leadership Group, a firm of management and organizational psychologists. Prior to his work with OPUS Leadership, he worked with the Clinton Foundation and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in Kenya and Mozambique. His passion, humility and expertise left an indelible mark on all who knew him and worked with him. His commitment to learning and self-improvement remains an inspiration to colleagues, clients and friends. By emphasizing the importance of self-reflection for improved leadership capacities and outcomes, the summit proudly honors the work and memory of Gregg Stracks.