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One of the most powerful tools we have to save primary care in the United States is one that extends back to ancient times: storytelling. It's a tool for connecting to one another. Storytelling can help bridge divides and highlight shared values between health care professionals and patients, among care team members and between different disciplines.

Storytelling is a means of inspiring action, even in the face of overwhelming challenges. Throughout history, movements have been cobbled together through stories. The movement to revitalize primary care is no different.

Since our launch several years ago, we have been collecting stories from the change makers in our movement. Many of those stories have appeared on our blog, Progress Notes. The collective story of our movement, captured in Progress Notes, is one of passion, determination and hope. Whether the writer is sharing their own story of what drew them to primary care, writing about their role in opening a free clinic with their interprofessional team, or other topics, these values are clear and consistent. The stories on this page are just some of the hundreds we have collected from PCP community members. Learn their stories and consider sharing your own.

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Watch PCP Coach Stephanie Nothelle share her passionate story of why the time is NOW for primary care change.

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State Of The System Got You Down? Five Things You Can Do Right Now

Andrew With so much in flux in healthcare, many of us are scratching our heads about how to make meaningful change in the midst of the uncertainty. After nearly 20 years in community advocacy and primary care, PCP Founder Andrew Morris-Singer shares his thoughts. Whether...
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The Need For Primary Care

d8bbb0b7b006674a9ebd67690cdb3ac3-huge-13 Today, in a post from our archives, then-first-year medical student Eric Lu illustrates the crucial need for primary care through a brief encounter on the street.

By Eric Lu, MD

I didn’t expect to bump into "Max" on the streets.

“I was...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Feb 23, 2017 9:19 am EST

What a difference a space makes

611ee5eb26ae440a24441a177ecefb82-huge-06 Today on the blog, a family physician who had grown all too accustomed to practicing in a cramped clinic, finds renewed enthusiasm for her work when her practice moves into...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Feb 16, 2017 10:47 am EST

What's a DO?

d8a4270628aa3278cf1439f47be858da-huge-jm Today is DO Match Day - the day when soon-to-be doctors of osteopathic medicine learn where they will spend their residency training. What's a DO? There are two types of fully...
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Growing Community Of Doctors Use Phone App To Collaborate On Cases

0ba53a5b164c4409210f44c60623a3a9-huge-0d Today on the blog, in a Q&A with Progress Notes, Shantanu Nundy, MD, a primary care physician...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Feb 2, 2017 11:55 am EST

Comprehensive primary care includes mental health

42d92232d11ab9d3a168004f7a565474-huge-39 January is Mental Wellness Month. Mental health and wellness begin with primary care. Today on the blog, in a post from our archives, Benjamin...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Jan 19, 2017 9:56 am EST