NPCW 2011: A Primary Care Community Comes Together
During NPCW 2011, nearly 250 events took place across the country to put the focus on primary care and ways to improve primary care education and delivery. These are just a few highlights from PCP chapters. The photo at left is from the PCP chapter at University of Pennsylvania.


Doc Talk at Tufts

On October 8th, the brand new Tufts chapter of PCP held its NPCW 2011 event-- and official kick-off event for the chapter.   “Doc Talks” invited speakers from the Tufts Medical School and the CHA Union Square Family Health Center to speak about obesity in America, the current American healthcare crisis, and cultural disparities in patient care.  Dr. Wayne Altman, Dr. Greg Sawin, and Dr. Kirsten Meisinger introduced the audience to the issues and then the 20-some attendees split off into 2 small groups.  Each group discussed the problems as well as possible solutions while a moderator for each group took notes that were projected on a screen for all event attendees to see and discuss.  At the end of the discussions, the audience and speakers came together and shared their ideas with each other, making the event "extremely interactive and engaging," said Mingqian Lin, the founder of the Tufts chapter of PCP who also organized the inspiring event.   "Our goal for this kick off event was to spark interest about primary care in the Tufts community by giving students a chance to hear present-day primary care problems and potential resolutions to each issue mentioned," says Lin.

Attendee Maria Ordovas-Montanes added, "I enjoyed that the audience was able to participate by forming the discussion groups, and it was useful to get feedback on some of the ideas we proposed for how to approach the problems proposed by each speaker. Everyone who attended brought a new perspective and stories of doctor-patient relationships and how to approach obesity. Although I had only been at Tufts for a month, I was able to make connections between the discussion points and the course material for three of my classes, so this event was very relevant to what I am studying. I look forward to having another Doc Talk soon!"

Brown Community Health Panel

On Wednesday, October 12, The PCP chapter at Brown University School of Medicine hosted "The Community Health Panel."  The goal of the event was bring together community health physicians working in the Providence area. Members from all primary care specialities (internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, ob/gyn) were invited and about 25 attendees shared in the overview and discussion of the often-overlooked area of community heath.


Stanford Town Hall

On Tuesday, October 18, The Stanford chapter of Primary Care Progress organized a town hall to discuss new models of care.  A  panel of key leaders at Stanford Medical School, the hospital, and the residency programs offered their perspectives on primary care at Stanford through different lenses (medical education, research, faculty development). Panelists included Stanford's  Dr. Mark Cullen, Dr. Joseph HopkinsDr. Erika Schillinger, and Stanford medical school alumnus and current O’Connor Hospital Family Medicine resident, Dr. Steven Lin.  PCP chapter leader, Dr. Farshad Fani Marvasti, also of Stanford University School of Medicine, served as the event's moderator/speaker.