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How to Promote Your Progress Notes Post

Thanks so much for your contribution to Progress Notes. Now that you've taken the time to share your story about the value of primary care - don't hesitate to get it out there so that it can influence and inspire others. The PCP team promotes all Progress Notes (PN) on social media to attract the widest range of readers. Still, there are some steps you can take to make sure your piece gets in front of as many folks as possible.

Here are some things you can do to give your post an extra “push.”

  1. After you’ve written your PN, take a look at it with an eye for keywords that would appeal to a desired audience. Try to use less jargon and more widely-searchable keywords. If you’re not sure which keywords to use, ask your editor or do a quick Google search for various keywords. You’ll see which terms are most popular. Make sure these keywords appear in your piece so search engines will find it.

  2. Send your post to your school, chapter or interest group listserv. Submit it for publication in their print and online newsletters and publications. Email it to your friends, family, classmates, professors, mentors and other interested contacts, and ask them to forward it if they liked it. Remember that personal connections go a long way in the online world.

  3. “Like” PCP on Facebook (PrimaryCareProgress) and follow us on Twitter (@PCareProgress). We’ll share your piece with our social network and you can engage with readers by replying to tweets or commenting on PCP’s FB page. Share our Facebook post of your piece on your wall and the walls of your school, chapter and interest group walls. You can also retweet the post with mentions of your school, chapter or interest group.

  4. Bookmark your post and share it often, on other sites, in the comments section of blogs, wherever it is relevant. You can post teasers to it on other sites with related content. Remember that your post doesn’t have to expire. You can keep it in the public eye by sharing the link within other relevant online discussions or topics.

  5. Add the url of your post to your email signature, your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter bio, and your Facebook profile under About/Contact Info/Website.

  6. Optimize your post’s journey on Twitter by tweeting out your piece using relevant hashtags, such as #primarycare or something more specifically related to your post. Search for relevant keywords (or hashtags in Twitter-speak), replying to conversations using those hashtags, and following people engaged in those conversations. You’ll get your post out there more widely and will likely gain Twitter followers. 

  7. There’s nothing wrong with making a direct ask of other bloggers to share your post with their readers. Most bloggers love receiving free, new content. You’ll be surprised at the response you’ll get. Ask them to mention that it originally appeared on Progress Notes, with a link to our site if possible.
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