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PCP logoPCP is hiring!
We are currently seeking outstanding candidates to fill our Director of Development, Instructional Design Consultant, and (paid) Marketing/Communications Intern positions. Learn more.


Review of Systems - logoPCP Founder Featured on Review of Systems Podcast
Andrew Morris-Singer discusses our strategies for strengthening teams at the heart of care through organizing, advocacy, and Relational Leadership. Learn more.

PCP logoRestriction on Political Activities & Lobbying
In light of recent political events, we wanted to clarify PCP's limitations regarding political activities and lobbying. We encourage all those within our network to champion issues and ideas that align with your personal values, however PCP is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is prohibited from engaging in any partisan political activities. Learn more.

Catalyst Project logoNew programming
The Catalyst Project - PCP and The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education are partnering to run this pilot program, which brings together four chapters for relational leadership development while improving primary care delivery in their communities to meet local health needs. Learn more.

The PCP Cohort - We’ve taken the success of last year’s pilot chapter cohort learning collaboratives and expanded it to all chapters. Learn more.

Change-Maker's Triangle

The Change-Maker's Triangle
PCP has developed a unique new framework for thinking intentionally about advancing primary care revitalitzation projects and deepening their impact. By considering the issue and goals you’re trying to achieve, the CMT helps you be intentional about the different types of initiatives you can choose to pursue. Learn more.

NursesBringing Nurses Home to Primary Care
PCP was honored to participate in a recent Macy Foundation conference on the role of nurses in primary care that brought together diverse stakeholders to articulate a bold vision for RNs. The the resulting report serves as a compelling roadmap for educators, policymakers, purchasers, clinical leaders and trainees. Learn more.


Summit logoAnother successful summit!
More than 100 interprofessional students and faculty attended PCP’s 5th annual summit at the end of August, and by all accounts - and participant evaluations - it was extremely successful. The two-day, hands-on training introduced attendees - from 26 different chapters and 9 health care professions - to PCP’s innovative relational leadership framework and the variety of impactful projects PCP chapters can use to revitalize primary care. Learn more here.


2015 Annual Report coverPCP's 2015 Annual Report
At Primary Care Progress, we’re committed to filling the people skills gap in primary care and developing an interprofessional cadre of leaders with a comprehensive set of tools for managing change - and the scaffolding to accomplish that bold vision. We’ve assembled a team of national trainers and coaches who are working with the 200+ chapter leaders of the PCP network. They teach a variety of cutting-edge, Relational Leadership practices which are then applied to help chapter leaders advance their local projects to improve primary care. Read our annual report for more.

Lost and Found cover'Lost and Found: A Consumer's Guide to Healthcare'
This excellent new book was written to culture a narrative about the true value of primary care and the doctor-patient relationship. It's also a good indicator of where medicine is going in addition to presenting solutions to educate consumers and help them navigate the obstacles that stand between them and high-quality, affordable health care. Learn more here.