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Serving Others Through Pharmacy

ad7d7769f7ae6b4e66a9be5d3bd4d596-huge-jo It's World Pharmacists Day. Today on the blog, a pharmacy student talks about why he wants to be a pharmacist clinician and a key player on the health care team. 

By Joe Oropeza

Eleven years ago my dream of becoming a soldier in the U.S....
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Sep 22, 2016 1:36 pm EDT

Top 10 'Words Of Wisdom' From The 5th Annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit

More than 100 interprofessional students and faculty attended PCP’s 5th Annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit at the end of August. The two-day, hands-on training introduced attendees to PCP’s innovative relational leadership framework and the variety of impactful projects PCP chapters can use to revitalize primary care. Below are some takeaways:
Posted by Nate Leskovic in Progress Notes Sep 14, 2016 12:12 pm EDT

Physical therapy in primary care

5d7572de75060ec69d546f064bfb5bc8-huge-cc It's World Physical Therapy Day! Today on the blog, we share a post from our archives by then-physical therapy student Krista Eskay, who shows us the essential role physical therapists play in primary care - especially when...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Sep 8, 2016 11:26 am EDT

Citizens push for change in health care culture

eb598939914141499e1b6ec6455d1b99-huge-wi The emphasis on quantity over quality seen in our health care system has deep roots in our culture. See how a citizens group in Minnesota is trying to change...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Sep 1, 2016 1:42 pm EDT

Dear Mr. C, Thank you and I'm sorry: Family doc says goodbye to a patient

183e6cbaf51bb2e4035cdd8bd4dd5b69-huge-ai A family physician early in her career is moved by the loss of a patient. Today on the blog, she shares a letter she wrote him after his passing. 

By Aimee English, M.D.

Dear Mr. C.,
There are a number of things I’ve...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Aug 25, 2016 11:46 am EDT

Summit Sponsor Spotlight: University Of Utah Department Of Family & Preventive Medicine

Utah Today on the blog we feature a Q&A with one of our sponsors of 2016's Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit, which begins this Friday, Aug. 19. The University of Utah Department of Family & Preventive Medicine exists to optimize health and quality of life in...
Posted by Nate Leskovic in Progress Notes Aug 15, 2016 8:21 am EDT
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This looks intresting one and thanks for sharing. Any decision patient only input ant output important.
Thank you for sharing such ideas...
Thanks for the full summary of events and new leadership directions we need to take in primary care. Student and resident leadership is vital to the future of primary care, especially Family Medicine, where many of our senior leaders are shifting into health system, regional, state and federal roles, thus creating large need for new and emerging leader...
I very much agree with Andrew's take home lessons. As someone based at another major medical school and academic health center, it has been inspiring to witness the effective mobilization among students, residents and allies to revive the Columbia FM residency program. It requires sustained effort to ensure that a victory like this translates into re...
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