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Comprehensive primary care includes mental health

42d92232d11ab9d3a168004f7a565474-huge-39 January is Mental Wellness Month. Mental health and wellness begin with primary care. Today on the blog, in a post from our archives, Benjamin Miller explains.

By Benjamin Miller, PsyD

Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Jan 19, 2017 9:56 am EST

Why There Is No Obamacare Replacement -- In One Picture

1c8b3c53225d8513fda3204a61e63b9c-huge-b9 It’s an honor to share my recent and apparently startling analysis of the Affordable Care Act, published...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Jan 12, 2017 11:59 am EST

2016: The Year In Stories

4c74cc7c511d4d566b4769ab6c452636-huge-14 At Primary Care Progress, we believe that at the heart of our power to create change is the connections that we make with one another through our personal stories. Progress Notes is a place to share those stories. Here's some of the...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Dec 22, 2016 12:26 pm EST

Hofstra University Northwell School Of Medicine Launches New Primary Care Track

c375677ac09ae4d120af6eda7792990e-huge-im Hofstra University Northwell School of Medicine launched a primary care track called IMPACcT (Improving Patient Access, Cost and Care through Training) last June. Today on the blog, we learn all about the program...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Dec 15, 2016 11:12 am EST

Trust improves health outcomes for vaccine-hesitant patient

abf76c7c6869fdd6bccaacfe879adf3e-huge-88 It's National Influenza Vaccination Week. Today on the blog, read about a medical student who dispelled a patient's misperceptions about flu shots. 

By Puya Jafari...
Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Dec 8, 2016 1:42 pm EST

Listening To Hearts

cf1f54850f53b2c0be6a23fcb65d2ae7-huge-0f As we enter the season of giving, today on the blog, we'll look back at one of many blog posts about the students that give to their communities through many hours of volunteer service in student-run free clinics. 

Posted by Sonya Collins in Progress Notes Dec 1, 2016 12:18 pm EST
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Dear Penny, You give us another wake-up call. Boundaries can get loose and good habits can get worn down in the nursing home. As you say, the way that things get paid for affects the doctor-patient relationship. In my HMO, there are financial incentives to keep our patients at home. And some of our patients who need long-term care but still value the sociali...
It is a great article to know what patients want. Each medical professional must read this to know more about patients and keep them happy.
This looks intresting one and thanks for sharing. Any decision patient only input ant output important.
Thank you for sharing such ideas...
Thanks for the full summary of events and new leadership directions we need to take in primary care. Student and resident leadership is vital to the future of primary care, especially Family Medicine, where many of our senior leaders are shifting into health system, regional, state and federal roles, thus creating large need for new and emerging leader...