How to do a clinical innovation project

  • Read the Science of Improvement to have an understanding of how the clinical innovation process works.
  • Follow the ten steps to running a clinical innovation project as a trainee.
  • Post any questions you have in the Clinical Innovation Forums.
  • Consider using the following tools as you do your work, either as tools to study your target areas, or to act on potential solutions. We label them to make searching through easier, but since innovation work is so fluid, all tools can be used at any point of your innovation process.

Improving Clinic Flow

Same-day/advanced access for patients

Electronic/Phone Access

Role optimization: empowering clinic staff to work at their maximal capability

Proactive Medication Refills

Health IT

Group Visits

Patient-Centered Interactions

Patient Activation

Patient Safety

Interdisciplinary Teams

  • SafeComs - improve teamwork and communication. This is designed for the purpose of increasing patient safey, but can be used in many arenas. (Act)