Profiles in Primary Care

In this issue, we bring you the Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care. Rachel Willard and PCI Co-editor Tom Bodenheimer share their insights on the work of transforming primary care from their site visits to 7 high-performing primary care practices.  Learn about the key steps these practices are taking to transform care for their patients.

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The Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care

Please share your thoughts on the Building Blocks in our Forum:

  • How does this fit what you are doing in your practices?
  • Are there building blocks missing?
  • Would you order the blocks differently?
  • What building blocks can/should be addressed together?
  • What are you tackling now and how are you approaching it?
  • What do you find particularly challenging to achieve?
  • Who's helping you along the path to high-performing primary care?  Is the technical assistance adequate?  What are the gaps/deficiencies in the technical assistance you are receiving? 

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Pub Hub comprises summaries of journal articles in/from the realms of primary care innovation, education, and health policy. For each issue of Primary Care Insight, reviewers comb 20 pre-selected journals from the previous quarter, and Editorial Board members contribute articles of interest, as well. You’ll find articles from numerous sources, including non-peer reviewed publications, which will keep you abreast of developments in these fields. If you want to recommend articles not included here, we encourage you to post them on our Forum.

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How did they do it? The Toolbox is meant to provide you with practical tools and resources that will aid you in the replication of the innovations and transformations you’ve seen highlighted in Profiles in Primary Care.


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