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Innovation occurs when we break free from an old way of thinking and embrace a more effective way of solving a problem or meeting a need. At Primary Care Progress, we believe that the power of creative thinking is essential to transforming primary care. Across the country, clinicians have decided that they can no longer wait on top-down change in the health care system. They’re taking primary care innovation into their own hands - trying out new models and approaches they hope will improve the quality of care, make it more accessible, provide patients with an overall better experience and reduce the traditional clinician’s workload.

What does innovation in primary care look like? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Just as practices are unique - with different needs, strengths and challenges - so are their approaches to improving health care delivery. Innovations can be micro or macro. They might change the way a clinic is staffed. They might add iPads to the waiting room. Or they might find a way to introduce young minds to an inspiring field of medicine.

Through webinars, blogs, campaigns and live events, PCP showcases some of the most exciting innovations occurring in primary care, the everyday people leading them and their strategies.


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