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Why There Is No Obamacare Replacement - In One Picture

There is no coherent alternative to the ACA for one good reason: It was once the market-based alternative to a real, not imagined, "government takeover" of healthcare. PCP’s mission will carry on regardless, as we work to change the culture of medicine from within and restore dignity and meaning to the practice of primary care.


PCP's 2015 Annual Report now available

We’re committed to filling the people skills gap in primary care and developing an interprofessional cadre of leaders with a comprehensive set of tools for managing change - and the scaffolding to accomplish that bold vision. Learn more about our work.

From Our Blog

Team-Based Care: What Do Patients Think?

It allows health care providers of all disciplines to practice at the top of their license, and payment models that incentivize quality of care over quantity of care. That's why providers like it, but what do patients think?


PCP and Leadership

We asked some of our chapter leaders why primary care needs leaders as well as why the field needs PCP. Watch their thoughtful responses here.


PCP Founder Andrew Morris-Singer

At a recent event, Andrew discusses building your advocacy team and learning from other marginalized communities.