PCP Featured in a Radio Documentary

PCP and its network of change makers was recently featured in a NEPR  radio documentary entitled, "Raising the Stakes for Primary Care." The piece includes high energy moments from the 2014 Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit.
Launching a Student-Run Clinic

On January 20th, Peter Meyers of PCP's Clinical Innovation Network, CIN, hosted a conversation with PCP University of Colorado chapter leaders Dr. Joe Johnson, medical student Jacqueline To, and pharmacy student Jennifer Nguyen. They shared the inspiring story behind the DAWN clinic, which is soon to open its doors to the community. You can watch the recorded webinar and learn more about the project here.

Why does primary care need leaders? 


We asked some of our chapter leaders why primary care needs leaders as well as why the field needs PCP. Listen to their thoughtful responses in our latest video.

The Primary Care Movement Out West

PCP will be co-hosting the Bay Area Primary Care Leadership and Innovation Summit on January 31st. This one-day summit will focus on leadership development, innovations in primary care delivery, and powerful collaborations to accelerate change. You can participate virtually on Twitter!


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A primary care crisis


Sixty million Americans lack adequate access to primary care at the same time that medical schools are producing fewer primary care physicians. Watch and learn about the crisis and what you can do.

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