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    Given that this is a pilot program, we would like to gauge interest. The entire series will compose of three 2-2.5 hour sessions one Saturday morning per month. E-mail us at PCPatTCMC@gmail.com or attend our chapter meeting for additional info and to express interest. Save the dates of March 12th, April 16th, April 30th or May 7th.
  • Looking forward to the gathering!
  • *Attendees are not required to bring anything. We just wanted to let you know that there will be baked goods. :)

    &of course, you're more than welcome to bring something, if you want.
  • The plan is Dr. Bidey will present a patient and then everyone will give their best documentation skills a try! After, Dr. Bidey will go over the good and bad.

    This event is open to ANY STUDENT AT PCOM so invite your friends! There are 20 slots reserved for members of Primary Care Progress. Food will be provided!
  • Hi all, we have our meeting tonight at 6pm. I will plan to log on a little early, if everyone can be on time that would be superb. I am leaving the webinar when the Broncos game starts but y'all are welcome to continue discussing. Can someone volunteer to keep minutes?

    The agenda revolves around building an organizational structure and selecting up to 3 major...
  • Thank you to everyone that made the Kick-off happen. A big shout out to Firehouse BBQ for the food! And thank you everyone for coming!
  • So excited to hear how this goes!!
  • Thanks, Susan! We're excited, too :) Always hoping to learn more about the cutting edge stuff happening in primary care.
  • So excited to hear how this event goes!
  • I'm so excited that this is launching! Congratulations to everyone who's making it happen!!