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  • Looking forward to the gathering!
  • *Attendees are not required to bring anything. We just wanted to let you know that there will be baked goods. :) &of course, you're more than welcome to bring something, if you want.
  • The plan is Dr. Bidey will present a patient and then everyone will give their best documentation skills a try! After, Dr. Bidey will go over the good and bad. This event is open to ANY STUDENT AT PCOM so invite your friends...
  • Hi all, we have our meeting tonight at 6pm. I will plan to log on a little early, if everyone can be on time that would be superb. I am leaving the webinar when the Broncos game starts but y'all are welcome to continue discuss...
  • Thank you to everyone that made the Kick-off happen. A big shout out to Firehouse BBQ for the food! And thank you everyone for coming!
  • So excited to hear how this goes!!
  • Thanks, Susan! We're excited, too :) Always hoping to learn more about the cutting edge stuff happening in primary care.
  • So excited to hear how this event goes!
  • I'm so excited that this is launching! Congratulations to everyone who's making it happen!!
  • Category: General
    I can't attend, but this looks awesome!