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One of the greatest challenges standing in the way of efforts to revitalize primary care delivery and training is the siloed nature of the primary care community. At Primary Care Progress, we’re deeply committed to creating spaces that bring the entire primary care community together, and building new bridges between the different primary care disciplines, primary care professions and stages of training. Whether you’re a medical student who wants to advance family medicine, a pharmacist who seeks to improve primary care delivery, a nurse practitioner whose mission is to promote a new role for nursing in primary care or any other primary care profession, we hope you’ll see Primary Care Progress as a space to connect with like-minded others and find concrete ways to build new, diverse, interdependent teams to actively take on these issues.

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Interested in arranging a speaking engagement with PCP President and Founder Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer to present about leadership development and primary care revitalization? More information here.

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