How to Start a PCP Chapter


1. Explore the Primary Care Progress network and movement. Read our mission and check out existing chapter websites. Create a profile on the PCP website.

2. Have a one-to-one call with Stephanie Aines to introduce yourself to the PCP Field Team and discuss why you are thinking of starting a chapter. A one-to-one is an organizing practice necessary for leadership and building teams.
3. Recruit your leadership team of 3-7 people:

  • Brainstorm people you know in your community who care about primary care, and who may be interested in starting a chapter with you. Cast a wide net and don’t rule anyone out, even if you think they are busy or uninterested.
  • Once you have your list ready, ask everyone on it for a one-to-one meeting. Don’t do all of these meetings by yourself, though. As you find others who want to work with you on starting a chapter, ask them to lead one-to-ones as well.
  • This list should be diverse both in terms of race, gender and other demographics, and also in terms of profession and stage of training. Contact the PCP Field Team for tips about how to find these colleagues.
  • Once you have recruited your full team, please send a list that includes the name, stage of training, current or intended professional fields, email and phone number of each team member to the PCP Field Team.
4. At one of your first leadership team meetings, set norms and divide roles and responsibilities.
  • Each chapter should have someone in charge of updating their website.
5. Schedule and plan a kickoff event! Your kickoff is the official launching of your chapter, and the way to introduce yourselves to your local community. A kickoff should be more than just a meeting – it should be a visible and public event that brings in the wider community, including people who may not have expressed support for your chapters’ efforts yet.
  • Set up a conference call between your leadership team and PCP’s Field Team to review your goals and strategize ways to make your kickoff a launching point for sustainable local action.
  • Before the kickoff, make sure your leadership team sets a goal for the number of participants you want at the event, and develop a recruitment plan for how to reach them. 
  • Hold your kickoff event! At the kickoff, discuss the goals you want to accomplish and ask for and use input from audience members to shape the goals and meet the needs and interests of your community.
  • After the kickoff, follow up with attendees and schedule one-to-ones to gauge their interest in getting more involved with the chapter.