What is a PCP Chapter?

PCP chapters work in interprofessional teams
PCP chapters are interprofessional teams! More than 80 percent of all PCP chapters have two or more professions represented in their membership. Our chapters bring their diverse experience to do great things!
This team of occupational therapy, medical and nursing students worked together to “hotspot.”
Check out our hotspotting initiative here. 


PCP chapters take action on local campaigns
PCP chapters have worked on many different local campaigns to change the culture of primary care on their campus, change the curriculum at institutions or make a difference in how primary care is delivered in local communities. Chapters work closely with PCP field staff to identify and plan goals and strategies specific to their local school. 
This chapter worked together to get a student run free clinic for their local community.
Check out their story here. 


PCP Chapters collaborate on clinical innovation
Beyond the Clinical Innovation Network sharing done by PCP national through webinars and blogs, PCP chapters engage in clinical innovation collaboration on a local level. Chapters connect with local innovators, participate in innovation and become exposed to clinical settings they might not otherwise in their usual curriculum. 
This team used “TOM talks” to have local innovators share best practices and collaborate with students.
Check out how to host a TOM talk here. 


Where are the PCP Chapters?


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