Why Support Primary Care Progress?

As the foundation of our national health care system, primary care is essential to the health of all Americans.   But with less than 20% of today's medical students choosing primary care careers, the shortage of primary care services is becoming more than a sad statistic- it’s becoming a crisis, driving health spending up, and crowding our Emergency departments with citizens without access to primary care.   Today, one in five Americans lacks access to quality primary care, and soon we will add another 32 million Americans to the health system.   The shortage of primary care clinicians is not going to heal itself.  This is one crisis we can no longer ignore.


Primary Care Progress is taking an active role in finding solutions.  We focus our efforts at the root of the issue- on revitalizing the primary care workforce pipeline.  By establishing mentoring networks between students and inspiring clinicians, fostering innovation within the field, creating platforms for learning and exchanging information and working with institutions to reform primary care training, we have already mobilized thousands of advocates around the country to assume their role in revitalizing primary care, with an unprecedented engagement of trainees. 


But you can also be a part of this groundbreaking movement.  Your donation can help Primary Care Progress spread its grassroots effort even further, providing trainees with the inspiration and support to pursue primary care careers, create new models of primary care delivery and build new approaches to primary care training.  Together, we can all take a role in rebuilding primary care-- the health and economic vitality of our nation depends upon it.