National Primary Care Week

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National Primary Care Week (NPCW) is an annual event that serves to highlight the importance of primary care, and is co-sponsored by Primary Care Progress and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). NPCW brings health care professionals together to discuss and learn about generalist and interdisciplinary health care, particularly its impact on and importance to underserved populations. NPCW aims to focus the attention of health professional students from all disciplines on creating a health care system that provides high quality health care to all individuals, regardless of ethnicity, race and other factors, and to provide students with the tools to address systemic inequalities.

During National Primary Care Week, primary care advocates and leaders are encouraged to host educational events in their communities and raise awareness about primary care. There were almost 250 events across the globe during NPCW 2011, with many PCP chapter events among them. Check out 2011 highlights here and 2012 highlights of our Voices campaign here. In 2013, the NPCW theme was "Step Up to Primary Care". UMass Medical school did just that by expanding NPCW, celebrating primary care throughout the month of October. The NPCW 2014 theme was advocacy for the underserved and marginalized communities. PCP honored that theme with special editiion Progress Notes and film screenings. In 2015, PCP celebrated the exciting future of primary care with webinars & exciting event ideas for our chapter network as part of its NPCW coverage. Learn more here.

The Primary Care Project

The Primary Care Project was a national, grassroots, student-led online campaign. It is one part national pledge to raise awareness about the importance of primary care and the need for a revitalized primary care pipeline, and one part focused on local campaigns that seek to engage and inform a new coalition of primary care advocates. The Primary Care Project is an collaborative project that brings together students, trainees and advocates from different professions, disciplines and regions to harness their collective voice and resources to revitalize primary care education and training at institutions across the country that train future health professionals.

Match Day

The Match—one of the most important phrases in a medical student's life. This annual event has played out since 1952, as the day when 4th-year medical students across the country find out where they will spend their residencies. Anticipation, anxiety, and exhaustion are hallmarks of the process that lead up to opening that special envelope.

This year, PCP took a deep dive into the match experience as well as the implications of match statistics for our health care system. We put together new content and resources, including numerous Progress Notes contributed by members of our community. Blog posts by 4th-year students chronicled their experiences with interviews and ranking and explored why they chose a particular region, program or discipline. Posts from program faculty gave us a glimpse into the match at specific institutions from a faculty standpoint. And an article by Progress Notes editor Sonya Collins took us inside the match at several programs across the country. In the story, program faculty and directors shared trends among applicants, new developments, what applicants and programs are looking for, and what this all says about the future of primary care. Learn more about our 2015 Match Day campaign here

Voices for Primary Care

For National Primary Care Week 2012, PCP thought it was time to give a "voice" to the undervalued and underinvested specialty of primary care. As part of "Voices for Primary Care," we asked primary care supporters everywhere to lend their voice to primary care as they uploaded photos with their thoughts about the true value of primary care in the health care system and in all of our lives. 

National Nurses Week

PCP celebrates National Nurses Week (NNW) each year because we are strong believers in the idea that working together in interprofessional teams is the only way to salvage primary care in this country. And the sooner we get the next generation of nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and all team members doing this, the better. PCP's celebration of NNW includes a range of content including webinars, Progress Notes, interviews and resources that showcase the critical role nurses play in delivering the patient-centered primary care that patients want and need, as well as to highlight some of the ways in which that role is being re-shaped and enhanced, and to learn from primary care heroes within the nursing community who are advancing the field. To see the complete list of Nursing Week Progress Notes, click here.


The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, Primary Care Progress, and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), are collaborators on the Student Hotspotting Mini-Grant Project. The project is made up of interprofessional teams participating in a six-month learning collaborative hosted by CCHP, PCP, and the AAMC and includes monthly webinars, case conferences, mentoring, and a curriculum learning guide. For more information, click here.